What is resource map

Resource map is an online tool designed to make information access easily, especially for Persons with Disabilities (PWD)


  1. Registration feature:

    Resource map provides two means of registration, the first one is direct registration whereby an entity registers by clicking on register link in the right top corner and providing all necessary information the second method is indirect one where an entity registers another one; this is done by clicking anywhere in the first page to load and providing necessary information.
  2. Login feature:

    Resource map allows users to login the system by providing username and password to access a work area from where a user can add all relevant information such as projects in progress and announcement.
  3. Search feature:

    Resource map provides a search mechanism to ease the process of finding information. On the main page, there is a place on top where a user enters keyword for search, the system returns a list of options for user to click and get more information.
  4. Map feature:

    In order to easy the process of acquiring information, Resource map provides map on which only registered users are found, upon clicking a icon, Resource map shows relevant information to the user.
    • How the users can Uploading information to Resource Map?

      Only users known by the system(Users who are registered on the system) can upload Information on resource Map which can be viewed on Map or can be published such as Announcemnts or Projects.

    • Search information on Map

    • You can search infomation of different institutions, like institution information, projects for the institution using Search engine.

Resource map will show users interesting information such as projects and announcements at first page from where users can click to view more information.

Resource map is a tool that will enhance information access across multiple users categories especially people with disabilities in particular and the wide public in general.